About Eva

lotus02modDSC00922cropEva Atma is centered in the Pacific North West, where she got her university degree, raised a family, and taught school. Since the late 90’s she has been on a dedicated spiritual quest, spending much time in the company of spiritual teachers and healers both in India and in the US.

Eva holds a certificate in Integrated CranioSacral Therapy, a modality she has practiced since 2013. This modality uses light touch with client fully clothed lying on a massage table.  She integrates this with Energy Work, a way of bringing awareness into the vibrational field without touching the body. Her work is gentle, non invasive, and very effective.


She is very grateful to Sri Mooji, Neelam and most recently Rupert Spira, as well as to Alberto Villoldo, Nicky Skully, Ramesh Balsecar, Wayne Liquorman, Adyashanti, Gangaji, Pamela Wilson, Byron Katie, and Rosemary Wallace. Extensive studies with all these teachers and healers have contributed to the depth she brings to her current work with Deep Body Awareness, Integrated Craniosacral and Energy Bodywork .

Atmaji is a spiritual name given to Eva by Sri Mooji at a special ceremony at  Arunachala, India, in 2007.  In Sanskrit, the name Atman, or Atma means the faculty that witnesses the happenings in the mind, or the soul, the core essence of what or who we all are.

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