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Integrated Craniosacral & Deep Body Awareness Sessions

Relax, Rejuvenate, Awaken
Improve and Maintain your Health

Clients report profound relaxation and gradual improvement in

back pain, sports injuries, stress, and more.

In – Person Sessions

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  • are in person or telephone, 50 or 90 minutes
  • use one of two modalities, or integrate both
  • are equally effective by phone
  • use light touch via clothing for Craniosacral
  • bring awareness to vibrational field for Deep Body Awarenesz
  • rely upon practitioner’s quality of Presence
  • 50 minute phonr sessions for $50,
  • 90 minute in person sessions $120
  • Six sessions @ 20% discount

Atman is non-dual, meaning we are one. Deep Body Awareness is based in Atman

Sessions in alternative therapies are complimentary to, but not a substitute for medical treatment. I do not diagnose or treat specific health problems, nor advise medications.