02 Jan

The Flower of Life

flower3Also known as the Six Point Path, The Flower of Life is an ancient symbol that itself encompasses the entire fabric of existence. It presents a beautiful, harmonious pattern that awareness is unbound. It is omnipresent,omniscient, and omnipotent.

In Maya, our lived reality, consciousness exists in time and space. As symbolized by the Flower of Life symbol, we are like points of consciousness inherently connected to each and every other point. As the petals connect, so do we. When we come physically close our magnetic fields merge.

An aware and trained energy practitioner has an intuitive knowing of energetic constrictions in the field. Bringing awareness to energy flows,vibrational frequencies and ever more subtly felt energetic imprints that are out of balance can lead to re-establishment of natural state by the higher intelligence that runs us.

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