What is Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is holistic. It clears the way for health on all levels of our being, body, mind and spirit . It reflects in the physical, the emotional and in our ability to access joy , love and peace in our daily interactions.

Craniosacral  Therapy
  • 31 Dec

    Katya Malakhovskaia, Moscow

    I had several Energy Healing sessions combined with Cranial Sacral Therapy. Sessions helped a lot with healing my sprained ankle, releasing of old tensions, even in tendons, and healing premenstrual syndrome.

    I was able to reach deeply relaxed state, which is not usually easy for me. After sessions my energy became more light and moving. Moreover I got some insights during one of the sessions.

    Thank you, Eva

  • 20 Jan

    Gyslane P, Montreal

    Merci à Eva, pour le bien qu’elle m’a fait….. dès le début du traitement j’ai senti son énergie parcourir mon corps. J’avais mal au coude et au genou et en 2 séances la douleur est disparue……Son énergie est très forte.
    Thanks to Eva for the help she did for me…. from the beginning of the treatments I sensed her energy running through my body. I had pain in my knee and elbow and in two sessions the pain was gone…. Her energy is very strong.

    Gyslane P, Montreal

  • 20 Jan

    Boon Choo, Singapore

    It was first my time experiencing knee healing with Eva diagnosing my knee without  having any knowledge of my injury.
    She caught me by surprise by telling my injury. I injured my ACL 6 years ago.
    It was astonishing and after 3 session i felt so much better. I could strech better and i am really pleased that my pain was eased. I do hope  my knee could get better in the future.
    Thank you very much Eva!
    Have a nice day.
    God Bless
    Boon Choo, Singapore

  • 20 Jan

    Sergio Vaisman, MD

    I had a life changing experience with Eva Schiller’s Phone Sessions over the last 4 months. At the 30 year mark, I intend to do all that is possible to save my marriage. Individual therapy, Family therapy, self help books and CD’s, spiritual renewal quests all were tried. My pattern of behavior was frozen in long past life traumas. EFT (Emotional freedom techniques and Matrix Re-Imprinting) is a method that isolates the emotional experience of those traumas and re-defines it going forward.

    Eva is a real Pro with EFT, I highly recommend her…

    Sergio Vaisman, MD

  • Help you feel deeply relaxed, lighter, refreshed, peaceful
  • Relieve pain
  • Relieve depression
  • Release chronic muscle constrictions
  • Aid recovery from illness
  • Ease body memory of past trauma
  • Speed up healing of bone, muscle and ligament injuries
  • Power of conscious presence is key
  • Thoughts influence the body’s biochemistry
Deep Body Awareness creates resonance in the our system that is specific to what needs to be healed. It works on the level of vibration. This non invasive technique does not use touch.

An ability to feel vibrational frequencies deepens with practice and other ways of receiving information, such as flashes of knowing, feeling issues in one’s own body and seeing images can very from one practitioner to another.

During our lives, a network of tensions has been stored in the body, arising from our interactions with people, situations and circumstances. Long after their cause has been resolved, this network remains as a sort of memory or echo in the body’s energy field. Energy work addresses these residues. It is the harmonizing of lower frequencies with higher ones, allowing the body to re-balance itself and to clear the way for one’s natural and inherent ability to heal.

A practitioner whose field resonates with deep silence of our original state can re-introduce this state of peace into the energy field of the client.

In this recognition of deep peace the client’s energy field responds and the process of self healing then happens.

Ultimately it is a way of bringing awareness both to the energetic vibrations which are out of natural rhythm,  and the re-establishment of vibrations reflecting health in your system.

An energy healer is a facilitator in whose Presence self healing can be dramatically enhanced. Presence with a capital P indicates the depth of spiritual development on the part of the healer, a key quality in this work. Awareness and its qualities of peace, love, joy and ultimate safety all create an atmosphere necessary for healing to happen.

Give yourself the gift today.

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Effective Results

I have had results relieving symptoms of these and others:


  • Stress
  • Sciatica
  • Sprains
  • TMJ constrictions
  • Digestive problems
  • Migraines

Working with Animals

I have had excellent success with both cats and dogs. They are very receptive to distance energy healing and will let you know their emotional reaction.