How the Process Works

A session of energy healing can bring profound relaxation, relieve our pain and enhance our health.

The echo of our interaction travels throughout the entire system symbolized by the Flower of Life. One energy field vibrating at health can influence another.

  • The Practitioner & Presence
  • Clearing Energy Disturbance
When an energy healing ‘Practitioner’ has evolved spiritually and their egotistic patterns of belief are diminished, then ‘Presence’ or a higher intelligence, manifests within the practitioner and essentially ‘does the work’, delivering a wealth of results.

Essential qualities of Presence – which are sensed as deep peace, love, or joy. People experiencing Presence are referred to as ‘Being in Presence’

Presence is used by the practitioner to facilitate & address energetic imbalances, enabling re-harmonization. Thus self healing does the work, the practitioner only facilitates it.

Energy healing can also involve clearing of energy disturbances and replenishment of human energy currents. This technique is referred to as ‘Doing’.

Sometimes this method is helpful, but the resonance of Presence works on a different dimension. Sometimes a combination of doing and simply being in Presence is needed.

Depending on the severity of trauma in one’s energy field the return to a natural state can take time. Our physical and emotional history is stored in the energy field referred to as ‘blocks’ and all trauma can be brought back or identified & released to freedom. Blocks can dissolve and flow can be re-established.

People searching for help with trauma, whether physical or psychological, can also enjoy transformation resulting from energy healing, leading to a beautiful evolution. Finding energy healing can be a blessing in disguise.

When seen from a less personal and less identified perspective, where pain is a sensation or a vibration that does not carry the stories associated with that pain other than energetic imprints and body memories.

Spiritual understanding gained from self introspection, meditation or self inquiry is necessary to open higher sense perceptions sufficiently to be able to see, hear or feel beyond the normal range.

People who are naturally heart centered can find it easy to tune into higher sense perceptions.

Each healer has different gifts, but not all have the gift of Presence.

I recommend choosing your healer wisely.

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Sessions are 50 minutes long and a series of six sessions is highly recommended.A series of six sessions works well with most issues. Your commitment is crucial in this process. By committing to a series of sessions, you are confirming to your body that you are serious about healing and want to take steps to take best care of your body.

Energy work is complementary to, but never a substitute for required medical treatment. It is always recommended to see a Health Care Professional when there is serious injury or illness.

There are no known side-effects to Energy Healing or Craniosacral Therapy.

All sessions are confidential and I adhere to the highest code of ethics.