Your distance healing session

A distance healing session is 50 minutes long. We stay on the phone together during the entire session.

First I call you at a prearranged time on your cell or home number and we go over what will be addressed in the session.

Next you lay down and make yourself comfortable. Laying flat on a bed with cushions under your knees is best. If a bed is not available sitting in a chair is fine too.

With the phone still on, the healing takes place over distance same as if you were in my presence laying on a massage table .

You focus on your breathing and notice any profound relaxation and your allowing of it to be here. If you have any concerns during the session you are welcome to bring them to my attention over the phone.

Before ending the session we go over what transpired.

Flower of Life Energy Healing is most effective when done in series of six or  seven sessions, usually done on a bi weekly basis. However you will feel profound relaxation and rest after even one session.