Your Session

Your Session

Pure Craniosacral Sessions

Integrated CST Sessions with

Reiki, Energy and Shamanic Healing Techniques

Relax, Rejuvenate, Awaken,
Improve and Maintain your Optimal Physical Condition

Clients report profound relaxation and gradual improvement in

back pain, sports injuries, stress, and more.

In – Person 30, 60, & 90 minute Sessions

Virtual Sessions 60 & 75 minutes

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Craniosacral Therapy (CST)

CST is a deep relaxation inducing therapy, using touch via clothing, examining the membranes and fluids surrounding the central nervous system. There is no manipulation and the touch is very gentle. Relieving tensions around the central nervous system helps in reducing stress and also helps the body in its restoring of optimal functioning and wellbeing. CST may relieve tensions and restrictions in the back, neck and head, and promote release of emotional and physical stress.

CST can be used for people of all ages and can be a part of treatment for conditions such as headaches, migraines, neck pain, whiplash, back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, TMJ, stress reduction, trauma recovery, sinus or ear infections and more.


Reiki is a form of Japanese alternative energy healing. A reiki practitioner channels universal energy though their hands, and relies on client’s innate body intelligence to use this energy in promoting emotional and physical wellbeing and healing. Reiki uses light touch through clothing or no touch with practitioner’s hands slightly above the body. Reiki is similar to Healing Hands and Therapeutic Touch healing techniques.

Energy Healing

There are many forms of energy healing. I focus on perceiving the energy vibrations around the body and simply bringing awareness/ Presence/ to them on a very subtle level. The premise is that a profound level of practitioner’s Presence is an important function of healing. Working with body meridians and chakras can also be a part of my Energy Healing.

Shamanic Healing

Aura Cleansing and Soul Retrieval are only two of many aspects of Shamanic Healing. If called for, and with your permission, I integrate these techniques with the goal of unwinding and clearing residues in the energy field that may influence repeating problematic patterns in one’s life. This helps to enhance freedom from past patterns so that the body/mind can restore its natural state of health.

Distance Sessions CST and Reiki

We meet by phone or zoom and I work with you virtually on my massage table. Clients report very positive results and report that these sessions are an excellent alternative to in person sessions.

Meetings in Presence

We meet over the phone and together inquire into the nature of our being, our essence, our Self. As our patterns of holdings unwind, the quality of Presence replacing them affects our lives in a positive, transformative way.

Sessions in alternative therapies are complimentary to, but not a substitute for medical treatment. I do not diagnose or treat specific health problems, nor advise medications.